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There are many people who wish to witness the personal presence of God in their lives, especially young converted Christians , and I am no exception. After I was born again in February 1991 at the age of fifty, I started wishing- to witness the personal presence of God in my life. I wished He would talk to me and tell me what He wants me to do, because I wanted to serve Him.


Few months after my conversion, I was invited by Bruce Emerson, who is a teacher at Bethany Christian Bible college, to enroll in that school. He became one of my teachers in that college.


One day, during my stay in that college, while I was growing in the word of God, I asked God  if I am really His son . I prayed every night while lying on my bed ready to sleep, until I fall asleep, asking Him to answer me with His audible voice if I am really His son. After several days of praying sincerely to Him, I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. As soon as I lifted my head, still sitting on the bed, before I step down the floor, words came out from my mouth and I said" 1 Peter 1-2". Then immediately, after I went to the bathroom, I proceeded to my library to read the verse that came out from my mouth. It says- " ( you) who  have been chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the father, through the sanctifying work of the spirit, for obedience to Christ and sprinkling by His blood". In the beginning I did not exactly understand the real meaning of this verse. But later on, I learned that this means that I am a chosen, an elect, or an adopted son of God in Christ. This confirmed that  God talked to me using my mouth to answer my question. This is the first miracle in my life witnessing the personal presence of God. 


Afterwards, I stopped asking to hear God 's Audible voice anymore. From that day on, whenever  I ask God , He always answer  through the bible. I also heard from the Godly bible scholar people that God always give His answer through the bible. And because of all these, I began to rely on the word of God whatever I do. I also began to  seek what God wants me to do, by asking Him , Lord what do you want me to do?  Whenever I asked this question sincerely to God, He always put the answer and solution into my mind by directing me to the word of God, the Bible. This became my normal way of life, because I learned from experienced that God's way is always the right way.


My second miracle in my life by witnessing the personal presence of God started in April 22, 2016, when I went for emergency at Los Alamitos Medical Center in Los Alamitos, California , because of severe pain, twenty years after my first miracle. I was diagnosed with a spinal stenosis, and I was discharge at the same day. The doctor gave me pain reliever called Tramadol. He gave me instruction of how to take it. But the next day I started to have more severe pain on my left leg and I could not endure the pain anymore. So I asked my wife to take me back to the emergency . Before we left the house I was able to contact the pharmacist and I asked if I can take Ibuprofen while I am also taking Tramadol. She said" yes, but you should wait for about two hours before taking the other medicine". So, I took 400 mg of Ibuprofen ( which I always have in my medicine cabinet) ,prescribed by my primary doctor, Dr. Kwan Tan, about 4 years ago when I have this kind of pain. When I reached the hospital my pain became less active.  I believed due to the additional Ibuprofen tablet I had taken. Anyway, the Hospital started doing the same test they did last time and the result was the same, as before. So, I was discharged the same day again. 


The next day, when I met my primary doctor he started referring me to orthopedic doctor ,neurologist doctor and pain management doctor. I was sent for x-ray, c-scan, and MRI. At this time, I was taking pain reliever 6 times a day, 3 times Ibuprofen and 3 times Tramadol. I have to wake up every 4 hours at night to take medicine .That was the most difficult time in my life. It started April 22, 2016 until about August 19, 2016 when God showed me the second miracle in my life by witnessing His personal presence.


When I received the different results of different x- rays, I started having problems. The spinal stenosis can be cured after 2 injections and physical therapy. But at this time, the orthopedic office was closing. So , if I will not be cured after 2 injections I have to inform my primary doctor to look for another orthopedic doctor, and probably then I might have an operation for my spinal stenosis. On the other hand, I was told that there was a cyst or tumor on my right kidney and probably operation is required. At this time I got worried, I thought I was in a bad situation.


I remember, few months ago, before I got sick , I heard John Piper , A Godly person and bible scholar said that he heard the voice of God. One time God talked to him . Then I started praying to God asking Him to tell me with HIs audible voice if He will let me continue to work on our website or not. I said Lord for about 20 years I have been asking you to show me the way how you want me to serve you. Now that you have given us this ministry (Truth and Love Ministry ), the purpose is to promote the truth to the world and I love doing this, but you give me this illness. Our Ministry is not even 3 years old. Lord , I do not understand. I will never complain even you take my life now because I know where I am going is a better place. All I ask from you Lord is to tell, with your soft spoken voice, what will happen to me. Will I be in your presence soon? Or will you grant me more years to live to continue what we have started?

 I want to know so that I will be able to tell my associates. All I ask from you is to inspire all  my associates to continue what we have started if you decide to take my life soon. Lord I am always willing to obey what you want me to do. I will not change .I will always love you. 


For many years, I believe that you will not talk audibly to obedient Christians who know the truth. They can always talk to you through your word, the Bible. But this time I cannot find the answer from the bible that is why I ask you to tell me. I believe you can tell me because you can do anything. Your words in Acts10:34 says-" ------ God is no respecter of persons". If you can talk to John Piper audibly you can also talk to me audibly, because we are your faithful children. This I believe Lord.


I continued my one way conversation with God every night for about 2 months until one day, in the middle of the night I woke up to go to the bathroom. As soon as, I step down the floor from the bed and my feet are ready to walk to the bathroom I heard the soft spoken audible voice of God saying " I WILL NOT THROW YOU AWAY". I understand right away that this means - God will not throw  me away from the website. I am going to live for additional years to complete my mission from God. Then I counted the number of words and syllables that God used to convey. There are only six words but seven syllables . The number seven in the bible means completeness. So I believe that God confirmed to me that  I will live to COMPLETE  my mission. This happened about August 19, 2016. Then in the morning I felt fine, and I told my wife what happened . I said to her, though I am still waiting for my second MRI schedule on September 7, 2016, I am sure I will be healed because God told me so. 


The reason for the second MRI is because there was different opinions for the cyst on my right kidney. Somebody said it was a tumor shown from C-scan, so the Urologist asked for Ultra Sound. The Ultra Sound results - there was a cyst not tumor. Then the Urologist asked for another MRI for my abdomen just to be sure that it is really a cyst. When I met my primary doctor on September 12, 2016 he said it was a cyst. I was very happy to hear that. Then on September 16, 2016  I met my Urologist he said it was a cyst, and there is no need for operation.


I forgot to say that way back on August 11, 2016 I was released from Pain Management with no further additional injection and no possible surgery for my  spinal stenosis. I thank God for all of these. Therefore, at this time I can say that I am now free from treatment. I pray that God will continue to give me good health so that I can function more effectively on the mission God has given me. Right now, I am free from taking pain reliever every day, and I am now doing my regular daily exercise.


Written by Osmundo S. Sabado

Edited by Orman L. Sabado


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